Czech Sworn Translation and Legalization

We are here to help you translate your document into Czech to be accepted by legal authorities. We offer you a reliable translation service with our court interpreters with the highest quality translators.

Official translation requirements for the Czech Republic

There are different types of translations of a document. Each of them has differences in itself. Even if you know the translation language or source language, Getting help from a professional is highly recommended to avoid jeopardizing your legal actions and application. You must contact a translator or translation company to determine what kind of translation you need and to ensure the validity of your translation.

You can continue reading to find out what type of translation you need to translate your document with.

Certified Czech Translation

Certified translation means the translation is signed by a company representative or an official sworn translator and the document is a true and accurate translation of the source text. 

Approved translations are usually required before processing legal documents. The Certified translation type will be sufficient if a translation is required between countries with a bilateral country agreement. Certified translation can be performed between the languages of the Czech Republic and countries with which other countries have an agreement. In certified translation, the translation must be the same and accurately represent the original document. Such translations include; 

  • Birth or death certificate
  • Legal name
  • Marriage or registered partnership certificates, divorce documents
  • Parentage and adoption documents
  • Documents confirming nationality
  • Criminal clearance report
  • Notary documents

Notarised Translation

The states appoint a notary to verify various documents, including certified translations. The translator or company representative swears an oath before a Notary Public that they have produced the translation and that it is a true reflection of the source text. It declares that the translation represents the original document. We highly recommend that the original documents you send us be notarized. In this way, you can safely use the translated copy in the future.

Legalized Translation

The document is translated, certified by a Notary Public or Solicitor, and legalized by the relevant Legalization Office to obtain an Apostille of the translation. In some cases, apostille addition may be required in your legal translations. The Czech Ministry of Justice authorizes the apostille of the documents issued in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, a local ministry of foreign affairs authorizes the apostille of foreign documents. We are fulfilling this for you.

Sworn Translations for the Czech Republic

Sworn translation includes the original document, the translated document, and the translator’s declaration. These documents are sealed and connected with a notarial stamp.

You must contact a translator or company for your document to be translated. Because sworn translators in the Czech Republic are appointed by the court by act no. 36/1967 Coll. on Experts and Interpreters, and Ministry of Justice Decree no. 37/1967 on implementing the Act on Experts and Interpreters. 

We will help you to translate your documents! We translate your documents from any language you have sent in PDF format via email. We can acquire notarial approval and apostille for your translated document, which you can use in your legal proceedings.

Certified translations from all languages into Czech

Certified translation is a common requirement for international applications. Our service provides a reliable process where we can translate your document from any language into Czech. We will help you not have difficult times with the transactions you make with our service. With the support we will receive from accepted translators appointed by the court, we will provide you with stamped translated documents from all languages as soon as possible and of the best quality. You can get our translation service by sending us a scanned copy of your document via email.

Sworn Czech translations for official documents

We can translate your official documents like patents, deeds, petitions, financial documents, and legal texts from any language. We will fulfill all the requirements (stamp, notarized and apostille, etc.) for you in our translation service, where you are the applicant for your official documents. 

You can contact us via email to translate your document. You can start your translation process by sending us a scanned version of your document as a PDF. 

We will provide you with the best quality translation by court interpreters as soon as possible.