Top 10 European Countries for Digital Nomads in 2022

Digital nomads are people who work remotely using the internet and live as nomads. In this regard, many different European countries host these people with this article, we discussed 10 different European countries, including the Czech Republic. We have considered and evaluated these countries according to different criteria.

These evaluations were evaluated in line with criteria such as health, quality of life, wage, security or crime rates, environmental factors, amount of income, purchasing power, housing, and cost of living.


According to our research, Switzerland is among the most suitable places in Europe for remote work. We can say that it is at the top in terms of the business environment and workforce categories. Therefore, digital nomads who have just entered the market can complete their processes with fewer problems. 

Moreover, Switzerland has a high score for staff training and vocational training. It is a country with a good work-life balance and high life satisfaction. According to OECD Better Life Index (2020) data, Switzerland is in the top three in terms of many living criteria. However, we would like to point out that being a high-income country, it is one of the high-cost places in Europe to start a business.


Denmark is in a much better situation than other European countries in terms of quality of life. In terms of safety, the crime rate is quite low and the security level is quite high. Another important factor that concerns digital nomads is purchasing power. Denmark has a high purchasing power. The unemployment rate in the country is 5%, since this rate is low and GDP growth value has good values, it can be said that it has a healthy and good economic structure. 

It is also one of the easiest countries to do business. In terms of the cost of living, Denmark is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Considering the accommodation costs, the people living here allocate 23% of their income to accommodation costs. Denmark’s healthcare system is the country with the best healthcare system in Europe. Considering the environmental factors, the pollution rate is low and the traffic is not very heavy.


The Netherlands is one of the best destinations in Europe for those considering becoming a digital nomad. Especially, if you have a high quality of life criterion, the Netherlands will be a good choice for you among European cities. The purchasing power in the Netherlands is higher than in most countries in Europe. According to OECD Better Life Index (2022) data, when we bring together criteria such as housing, income, employment rate, education, environment, health, safety, life satisfaction, and work-life balance, we see that the Netherlands is in the top three. However, besides these criteria, we would like to point out that the cost of starting a business in the Netherlands is a bit high.


Germany is a country that has an important position among European countries. It ranks well for digital nomads as it has a good economy and job opportunities are improved. In terms of quality of life, which is an important criterion, Germany is at the top of the list. 

Germany is in a very good position in terms of purchasing power. Because the living wage is low, there is a comfortable life. It is cheaper than other countries in terms of rent, transportation, and market needs. 

Since digital nomads work remotely, one of the most important issues is housing costs. People in Germany invest around 20 percent of their income in housing costs. On the other hand, although Germany has a good value in terms of security, there are countries that are better than this. But still, the crime rate is low. Germany’s healthcare system is also highly developed. Hospitals are rated as good. Finally, from an environmental point of view, the pollution is not very high here. But the traffic situation is more intense compared to other countries.


Finland is one of the top countries in most categories. Therefore, the quality of life is relatively high. People here have high purchasing power. Because real estate prices are usually lower than incomes. 

The rate of doing business is also high in Finland. Looking at environmental factors, Finland has cleaner air compared to other countries. In addition, people here say that the water quality is quite good. Regarding security, this country is at the top of the list of the most reliable countries in Europe. 88% of people say they feel safe walking on the street.


If you want to live and work in a relaxed and fun way, Spain is one of the best destinations for expats to live in Europe. In Spain, where more than 3 million people are digital nomads, the high-speed internet and various co-working spaces will make you comfortable. The internet speed is on average 88.73; that means it has a faster internet network than most countries in Europe.

The quality of life is very high in Spain, with its mild climate, excellent Mediterranean food, and hundreds of clubs and bars. In particular, the nice thing about having many cafes and bars is that you will never have trouble finding a place to work.

Moreover, house rents are approximately 500 Euros, and a total budget of approximately 2500 Euros/ month will be more than enough for you. However, it depends on which city you stay in Spain, of course, Barcelona is the most expensive city!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe at a very good point in terms of its location. It is bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia. Hence this strategic location, many digital nomads prefer this country. 

The Czech Republic ranks high in many respects. In terms of quality of life, the Czech Republic is in a good position; the purchasing power here is at a normal level, it is neither too high nor too low. 

The country has higher housing prices than the value considered on average. When the ratio of incomes to housing wages is considered, this ratio is slightly higher. On the other hand, the living cost index is low for the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in Europe. Most people (about 77%) say they feel safe living here, in addition, health systems are one of the leading countries in Europe. And the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

The Czech Republic offers a special visa for digital nomads. A Czech business license called a Zivno visa, combined with your long-term visa allows you to do business in the country. This visa is issued to foreigners who plan to stay in the country for at least 3 months and about 1 year. You can contact us if you want to make sure that you follow all the rules and that your visa process is handled smoothly without problems and delays.

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The island is beautiful and one of the best places to work remotely. It is the first country in Europe to have the first 5G network. The country’s nomadic residence permit is open to freelancers and remote workers for foreign companies if they can do their jobs independently of the location.

The island of Malta is in a good place in terms of health and safety criteria. Although the social life is not very entertaining, we can say that the low population eliminates the traffic problem and crime rates. If you want the perfect climate, delicious food, and a relaxed lifestyle, Malta is the place for you. Another advantage is that English is their mother tongue. Although its internet speed is not as fast as in big cities in Europe, the country shows promise in broadband speed and artificial intelligence.

Although there is a slight increase in house rents in Malta, the cost of living is cheaper when compared to other big European countries. Renting a house is approximately 800 Euros per month.


Romania is one of the countries that show itself as good in terms of quality of life. Romania is a good country that has just entered the list of digital nomads. Considering the cost of living in the country, the fees for transportation and accommodation are not high. However, when real estate prices are compared to income, this rate is slightly higher than in other countries. Market and food prices are at normal levels, but it has a lower purchasing power compared to other European countries. 

This is an advantage for digital nomads as the internet speed is good. In terms of security, this country is in an average situation. However, we can say that it is in a good condition in terms of security. Since Romania’s population is low, traffic and environmental pollution are very low.


Although Hungary has an average place among European countries, it has become one of the new favorite places of digital nomads with the opportunities it offers. You may be particularly interested in Budapest with its affordable housing, entertainment, and wide networking opportunities. Therefore, Budapest is on our European cities list for expat communities. Internet power is highly valued in Hungary. It has superiority in internet speed compared to many European countries. With an average of 15 Euros, you can have fast internet.


The considered criteria and the values of the countries for these criteria are given in the table below.

Health Life Satisfaction (Quality of Life) Cost of Living Safety Climate Pollution Traffic Time Property Price to Income Ratio Purchasing Power
Czech Republic 75,45 163,78 44,33 74,22 78,32 35,32 29,37 14,93 69,64
Germany 72,45 178,32 59,62 62,99 82,92 28,14 31,14 10,6 102,75
Finland 76,75 186,84 63,75 73,16 56,64 12,02 27,58 7,54 91
Denmark 79,77 194,15 73,09 73,66 81,8 20,92 28,41 6,3 99,76
Romania 56,51 131,09 34,93 67,5 76,5 58,52 33,38 11,1 48,84
Netherlands 75,93 191,46 67,71 72,43 86,92 24,72 26,63 7,36 99,58
Malta 38,24 106,08 57,71 56,28 97,44 81,08 30,02 12,93 44,8
Spain 78,14 171,01 47,51 65,03 93,65 39,08 29,2 7,49 77,29
Hungary 54,27 116,22 34,64 66,09 79,48 47,75 35,61 13,22 53,24
Switzerland 75,32 195,06 110,34 77,88 79,56 19,39 28,37 8,86 116,19

The index values of the alternative countries determined above are given. The order of importance of the criteria is determined as the quality of life, purchasing power, cost of living, housing, income, environment, health, and safety. The Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) technique was applied to rank the alternative countries. In this technique, a ranking was made by considering the index values of alternative countries and the weights of the criteria. The result of this applied technique is shown below.

Countries Total Utility Values
1. Switzerland 0,1465510232
2. Denmark 0,1279666038
3. Netherlands 0,1274778515
4. Germany 0,1268156421
5. Finland 0,1172343717 
6. Spain 0,1134514538
7. Czech Republic 0,1128659656
8. Malta 0,1035509151
9. Romania 0,09704700125
10. Hungary 0,09469501812

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