Czech Employee Card – Long-time Residence for Employment

Czech Employee Card (Zaměstnanecká karta) is a type of card that has biometric capabilities. A card for employees is a new kind of permit that permits long-term residency and work permit in the Czech Republic where the reason for the stay of a foreign national (longer than three months) is employment. The card issues from The Ministry of the Interior – Department for Asylum and Migration Policy.

Employee cards are required for employment in the Czech Republic by citizens of the so-called third countries. But not for citizens of the EU/EEA Member States and Switzerland and their family members who are citizens of other states but hold a residence card for a family member of a citizen of the EU/EEA and Switzerland or those who have applied for such a card.

Validity of Czech Employee Card

The employee card is frequently issued for the duration of the relationship between the employer and employee to ensure the validity of an authority’s decision regarding the validity of an employment permit or professional work; however, it is not valid for longer than two years. It also has the possibility of repeatedly extending the validity of the card.

How to apply for Czech Employee Card?

If you are already staying in the territory of the Czech Republic with a visa for a stay of more than 90 days or a long-term residence permit for any other purpose, you can submit the application to an office of the Ministry of the Interior.

To obtain an employee card, you must apply to the Czech Republic embassy or consular in the state where you are a resident. The embassy/consular will notify you within a maximum of three months after submission regarding whether your application for an employee card is granted. If so, you will be provided by the embassy with a visa for residence for up to 60 days to assist in getting your employee card, and you will be able to visit the Czech Republic.

Supporting documents must be submitted in Czech; documents in another language must also be submitted in official translation into Czech. Foreign public documents must be legalized, by an apostille or super legalized.

Required documents for the Czech Employee Card application

1- Valid Passport: Must have been issued within the last ten years (not older than ten years, even if it remains valid after its extension). It must remain valid for at least 6 months after the planned departure date from the Czech Republic/Schengen Area. It must contain at least two blank pages.

2- Application form: You can fill in the form electronically and print it later, or you can print the form first and fill it out manually with legible capital letters. Forms can be printed in black and white. Forms can also be obtained from consulates free of charge.

3- Two photographs: 35 x 45 mm, must be the person’s current state, and his face must appear full. The height from the eyes to the bottom of the chin should be at least 13 mm. Must be in civilian clothes and without sunglasses (except for those who are blind). No head coverings except for religious or health reasons; In such cases, the head covering should not hinder the applicant’s identity.

4- Purpose of stay: Employment contract, work agreement, or letter of intent* indicating that the applicant will earn at least minimum wage (regardless of the extent of the work) and work at least 15 hours per week.

5- Proof of accommodation: Applicants must provide accommodation arrangements and proof of doing so before arriving in the Czech Republic. Supporting documents proving accommodation can include an accommodation contract, rental agreement, proof of ownership (purchase contract), and dormitory certificate.

6- Criminal clearance record – With an apostille or super-legalized and certified translated into Czech.

7- Application fee – 5,000 CZK (~ €200 in 2022).

8- Travel medical insurance: It must be insured with at least 60.000 EUR covering compulsory and emergencies. Unlike other documents, it is only requested if the visa is approved, not at the time of application.


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