Limited liability company (s.r.o.) incorporation service in the Czech Republic

We offer lightning-fast limited liability company (LLC) formation by removing long paperwork, legal complexity, and multiple fees.

Set up your company and start your business in the heart of Europe; we offer hassle-free limited liability company incorporation service from Prague. Euromos Global helps entrepreneurs and corporates start a business in Czechia, including the preparation of legal documents, assistance to obtain relevant licenses, and business registration. Euromos Global makes registering a company as simple as possible in the Czech Republic. The whole process will be carried out by our experienced team with a power of attorney and your company will be ready to trade within 10 business days.

Necessary Documents

– ID or passport
– Apostilled criminal clearance record

Our Services

  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney (Plná moc)
  • Preparation of affidavit of the executive (Čestné prohlášení jednatele)
  • Obtaining the criminal record extract of the executive in CR (Výpis z Rejstříku trestů)
  • Preparation of the notarial deed (Notářský zápis)
  • Trade license register (výpis z živnostenského rejstříku)
  • Commercial Register submission (Notářský zápis do obchodního rejstříku)
  • Corporate Income Tax (DPPO) registration
  • Databox (Datová schránka) registration
  • Liability Insurance Registration (Kooperativa)
  • The Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) registration
  • Health Insurance (VZP) registration
  • Corporate bank account

Logistics company registration for road transportation

  • ČESMAD Bohemia and Euro License registration
  • Commercial Transport Representative (Odpovědný Zástupce Dopravní)
  • Financial capacity of the carrier (Finanční způsobilost dopravce)
  • Insurance for carriers (Pojištění pro dopravce)
  • CMR Liability insurance of the road carrier (Pojištění nákladu)
  • Accident insurance for trucks (Pojištění nákladních vozidel)
  • Obtaining a driver’s certificate (osvědčení řidiče, Fahrerbescheinigung)
  • Obtaining Code 95 for professional drivers (Profesní průkaz řidiče)
  • Digital tachograph card registration
  • TÜV and ATEST assistance
  • Czech driver’s license assistance (Řidičské průkaz)